The Parent Trap (In YA Fiction)

Young Adult fiction needs adult characters. If your characters are under eighteen, then they must interact with adults — parents, teachers, cool aunt or uncle, etc — or the story won’t be realistic. But is it true? Most YA novels center on the main characters and plot, and it often means overlooking the adults. Writers... Continue Reading →


Quotesy Daisies (YA Edition)

It’s one of those lazy quote posts again! Only this time it features memorable quotes from Young Adult novels. Some of the books are new, while others date back a few years, and then there’s the one token adult quote. These are all personal favorites, mostly centered on matters of the heart and the #ownvoices... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Girl On Girl Hate

Women have come together to defend our basic human rights. We won’t stand for sexual misconduct or any kind of misogyny in the workplace or in life. We’re standing up to the opposite sex and saying, “Enough is enough.” But when are we going to have the other conversation? The one we should have? The... Continue Reading →

Springtime Wishes (March Book Guide)

Springtime is (almost) upon us! We'll soon say goodbye to winter and welcome back the crisp breeze, the green grass, the colorful flowers, the bees, the pollen, the sinus infections... Anyway, it's a good thing! Numerous books will be out late this month all the way to late spring. I have rated them one through... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a (Book) Lady

Unlikable protagonists are tricky. What's the point to them? Shouldn't you identify with a character? Shouldn't you root for them, wish them well? It depends on what you seek. Anti-heroes and anti-heroines have gained popularity in recent years. For centuries, anti-heroes dominated the shelves. Books likes Hamlet, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Great Gatsby, Lolita and... Continue Reading →

Be My Book Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is upon us. While some of us may have that special someone in our lives (or that great friend or whatever), we book lovers still long for romance — the kind we’d only find in pages. Here are some suggestions for lighthearted reads: two of them are new, one is a tried and... Continue Reading →

Stalkers Are Us!

It’s cool to be a stalker! Just kidding. It’s not. But it’s kind of become a thing in dark Women’s Fiction. You’ve seen them on the shelves. They’re often described as “Hitchcockian,” because of the stalker or voyeuristic theme; there’s always a not-so-invisible presence lurking in the shadows. But instead of shower stabbers (Psycho) and... Continue Reading →

Cover Up Those Plot Holes!

We’ve all had those moments. Just when you think your masterpiece is all wrapped up with a red silk bow — several inconsistencies begin to surface. A vegetarian bites into a ham sandwich; a blonde tucks her red hair behind her ear; a shy girl acts all bold and zany for no clear reason. And... Continue Reading →

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