I’m A Good Person & Settle For Me

Ever hear someone say that they’re a good person?

“I’m a nice guy.”

“I’m so good and giving toward others.”

“I really am a nice person.”

In the video called “I’m A Good Person,” Rachel Bloom explores the self-indulgence behind a selfless and caring act. She feels quite proud of herself; she even says that her nickname is Mother Theresa Luther King. (Yup, she went there. Lol.)

So, why do we feel the need to point our goodness out to others? Wouldn’t it be obvious if we were, in fact, good people? Shouldn’t we wait for others to tell us that we are? And do good people advertise their wonderful deeds like some kind of Good People PR campaign?

The truth is that this self-proclaimed goodness stems from narcissism, and it often happens when we’re being… well, bad. (Yes, I include myself in this analysis. I have done it too.)

The other video is “Settle For Me,” which is about swallowing one’s pride by asking someone to give you a chance.

The song is also about emasculation. Greg (played by Santino Fontana) feels like he’s somehow losing his masculinity for doing this. (Though I would happily settle for Santino Fontana, especially with that gorgeous tenor.) As a woman who went through something similar, I can say that this feeling is not exclusive to men. Women may feel like they’ve lost their dignity by doing this. I can say–however–that, if anything, it is a humbling experience, one you eventually grow out of. I have also been on both sides of this situation, and it never feels good to turn someone down. But you do grow and change. I must add, however, that you should NEVER ask someone to “settle” for you. Let him or her go and then find someone who will love and treasure you–and vice versa. You’ll thank yourself later… and in turn minimize the whole “I’m a good person” narcissistic disorder thing. ☺️

Rachel Bloom is officially my soulmate. We’re both the protagonists in some fantasy love story that exists only in our heads (only that mine lacks funny musical numbers). All of her videos showcase streams of consciousness that are as relatable as they are hilarious. They’re only a couple of minutes each, but I wish they were longer. Enjoy.

(Videos by the CW and Racheldoesstuff.)


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