More Announcements!

All those times I sit at a café and stare into space pay off.

Café Girl Media continues to grow! Thank you for reading. Here is my upcoming agenda:

I will break down my posts into two categories: Random Writing Tips/Thoughts and Book Reviews.

  • Random Writing Tips/Thoughts will be available on Monday or Thursday mornings. These posts will include writing advice, my journey through publishing and freestyle excerpts and short stories. Use the contact form if you have questions or if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover.
  • Book Reviews will also be on either Monday or Thursdays. I will mostly review Young Adult novels, but I also enjoy dark women’s fiction (think Gone Girl), gothic horror, Tana French-like mysteries, SFF/Time Travel, and the occasional rom-com. So if you’re an up and coming author (or even an established one), contact me. I’ll post the reviews here, and I’ll cross-post them on Amazon, BN and GoodReads.
  • There won’t be a clear order. Some weeks I’ll post book reviews only and in the upcoming week I might do the Tips/Thoughts and freestyles. Depends on the size of my TBR pile and on the nature of the contact form requests.
  • I will expand my platform with Huffington Post, Elite Daily, NY Times, and others. They will cover numerous topics — like career goals and entrepreneurship, skincare tips, relationship posts, travel recommendations, and (light) politics. I will cross-link them all here.

I hope to start soon. More news on the way. ☺


Maple Pecan Latte Girl Out. ☕️



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