About the Girl in the Café


You may have spotted me once or twice. I’m the Girl in the Café, sitting in a quiet corner, pen and notepad in hand, with nothing but a cup of coffee and my thoughts for company. This is my moment, my havre de paix, where nothing else matters but the ideas swirling round my head.

My name is Mini Febus, author of YA gothic suspense, lover of all things strange and beautiful, founder of Café Girl Media, a platform for people who love two things: books and coffee. (And Europe, but maybe it’s just me.) You’ll read about my streams of consciousness in the form of freestyle writing, book reviews and writing tips. You’ll also hear exciting news about my novel. Hit me up on Twitter (search by name: Mini Febus) or feel free to ask me questions in the contact form.

I am currently closed due to pending book projects and other arrangements. The website will be under construction after 2018, and I’ll have more news as it draws near.

Now sit back, grab a nice cup of java, and enjoy the upcoming holidays! See you next year! 😉

Café Girl Out ☕️